Monday, June 27, 2016

Join Me at Classic Horrors

Today I launch a new, more focused blog devoted to the area of pop culture I love most.  At Classic Horrors, we'll celebrate "from silent screen to Halloween and everything scary in between."

It's been fun working on it the last couple of months.  I've tried to incorporate all the things I'd like to see in a classic horror website:

  • Movie Index w/links to the Internet Movie Database
  • Playlist page listing songs and soundtracks w/links to Amazon
  • Reading List page listing original source material, tie-ins and reference books
  • Trailer Park page w/links to movie trailers
  • Milestones widget w/the week's birth, death and movie release dates
  • TV Guide widget w/the week's airings of classic horror movies and TV shows

With the new blog comes the required social media pages and sites:

Finally, I've also launched a new YouTube channel.  Of all the posts I've done through the years, I continue to get the most feedback from people who've seen the few videos I put on YouTube, so I'm hoping to really take advantage of this opportunity to offer entertaining and fun content on a regular basis.

Consider this your formal invitation to join me at  (Isn't that fun?  Thank you for the idea, Tim Canton!)  Click here to read more about why I'm doing this and why I'm doing this now.

Thank you for your support!  I'll probably keep this blog and occasionally post personal and non-classic horror-realted content.  Until then, I hope to see you at Classic Horrors...

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